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February 18, 2008, 3:08 am

Is american finacial a credit card scam


We are to remind you that we aim at helping you to compare credit card offers from the top US banks and credit card companies and give you the necessary information to understand the terms and conditions that modern credit cards have to offer, to manage your personal financial affairs. It is possible that the credit card company or bank is a scam, in case you didn't receive the service you paid for and you want your account to be credited. If the service isn't provided and you can't contact the merchant you need to initiate a chargeback.

April 9, 2008, 1:22 am

what are these secured cards?


Thank you for your question. Secured credit cards are developed by the banks aiming at the customers with bad or no credit especially for establishing and rebuilding credit history. Such credit cards are considered to be the best choice for these aims. Secured credit cards need a collateral - a certain amount of money to secure your credit. This means that in case you fail with paying off your bills this money will be used to cover your debt. Of course, this does not imply that a bank takes your money just as soon as you delay your payment for, say, seven days. This should be done only in case of an emergency. The credit limit of your card will be equal to the sum of deposited money. Moreover, secured credit cards are guaranteed. Plus, when you own a card your bank regularly reports your payments to all leading credit bureaus which helps to build your payment history quickly. Using this link, apply online for secured credit cards.

April 9, 2008, 4:11 am

My credit is pretty bad, like 509. I now have a stable job and want to build my credit... Is it bad to have more than three credit cards? Does that make my score go down more, even if I'm paying on time and over the minimum amount?


Thank you for addressing your requests to our service. First of all, there are secured credit cards for you. In this case you will have to deposit a definite amount of money, nevertheless such credit cards are guaranteed. Of course, you can also try bad credit cards, however, there is no 100% guarantee that your application will be approved. And if a bank cancels your application, your credit score is damaged. Second, no one will actually allow you to hold three cards with your bad credit. Moreover, having many credit lines open is not so favorable for the banks in general. Many short-term credit lines also harm your credit score. Closing used credit cards is not preferable, too. The best method for you now is to apply for a secured credit card, make regular payments in full (and more is better, certainly). One credit card would be enough for this. Please explore our bad credit cards and secured credit cards to get more detailed information with regard to each option.

June 17, 2009, 5:56 am

I have no credit established. Which card would I most likely be approved for?


If you have no credit history, you can be approved for a secured credit card because it doesn’t require a credit check. However, it does require a cash collateral deposit that will be equal to your spending limit. You’ll need to place at least a minimum deposit into a bank savings account in order to be approved. In other respects, a secured card works just like a regular credit card when making purchases, paying bills, traveling, and so on. Moreover, secured cards report to all the major credit bureaus monthly. This means, you may build your credit history faster by making your credit payments on time. Take your time to review secured credit cards collected on the site and apply online.

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